Evil’s toy – the concrete garden
Peach union – on my own
Supreme beings of leisure – strange love addiction
Bt – dreaming
Crystal castles with robert smith – not in love
Urceus exit – the worst that we’ve become
Dead or alive – you spin me (round like a record) rmx
Symphony of science – we are all connected rmx
David bowie – hearts filthy lesson
Pink floyd – high hopes
Covenant – go film #Request
Apoptygma berzerk – starsign
Adam and the ants – beat my guest
Joey ramone – what a wonderful world
The suicide machines – I never promised you a rose garden




The glitch mod – derezzed
Stereo mcs – connected
Lady gaga vs metalica – enter telephone
E nomine – metternacht dj neshamah rmx
Deathline int’l – paradise city
Ke$ha – we are who we are rmx
The rolling stones – gimme shelter rmx
Team unicorn – geek and gamer girls
Cx – star wars
Nick cave and the bad seeds – red right hand dj neshamah rmx
Echo and the bunnymen – lips like sugar
Basement jaxx – get me off rmx
Vnv nation – sentinal
Q-tip – galvanize
Faithless – insomnia
Eminem and Rihanna and guns and roses – love the way you lie in paradise city
Djs from mars with fragma – insane in da brain
Icon of coil – dead enough for life
Apoptygma berserk – fade to black
Skinny puppy – assimilate rmx



Duran Duran – all you need is now
Lisa gerrard and pieter bourke – the human game
Bt – dreaming
My life with the thrill kill kult – sex on wheelz request
Collide – tusk
Concrete blonde – bloodletting
Clan of xymox – this world
Icon of coil – new York city boy
Kmfdm – bait and switch
Oingo boingo – no one lives forever
Big pig – break away
Bonco de gaia – obsidian
The crystal method – the grid



Down in the boiler room

E nomine – metternacht dj neshamah rmx
The glitch mob – derezzed
Emilie autumn – girls just wanna have fun
Nick cave and the bad seeds – red right hand dj neshamah rmx
Illumiod – gimme shelter
Stereo mcs – connected
Metalica vs lady gaga – enter telephone
Infected mushroom – becoming insane
Apoptygma berserk – kathy’s song
Vnv nation – homeward
Mind confusion – vivre sur video



Silence will fall


Paul oakenfold – send me an angel
And one – sternradio
Spahn ranch – vortex
Project pitchfork – timekiller
Accessory – I say go
Doctor octoroc – 16bit doctor who theme
Rotersand – exterminate annihilate destroy
Dead can dance – the ubiquitous mr lovegroove request
Pink Floyd – keep talking
Aria – pace pace
Thou shalt not – last comfort
Cosmicity – pure imagination
Underworld – king of snake request



Vnv nation – tomorrow never comes request
Icon of coil – former self
Daft punk – technologic
E nomine – metternacht dj neshamah rmx
Godhead vs the Beatles – Eleanor rigby.
Pierre Henri – psyche rock request
Stereo mcs – connected
Kmfdm – megalomaniac
Skinny puppy – assimilate
Lisa gerrard and Pieter bourke – the human game
Switchblade symphony – wallflower
Emilie autumn – the art of suicide
Duran Duran – the chauffeur
Nick cave and the bad seeds – red right hand dj neshamah rmx
Infected mushroom – becoming insane
Djs from mars with fragma – insane in da brain
Dead or alive – you spin me round rmx
Lady gaga vs metalica – enter telephone

Girl going down

Almost all the women that I know love to have oral sex performed on her.  Gods know that I love when my lover knows what he or she is doing.  But there is so many people out there that just don’t know what to do with a woman’s body.  I have one that just doesn’t quiet get what to do with a clit yet. 

I picked up The Ultimate Guide to Cunnilingus to help that one lover out some with how my body works. It was written by Violet Blue in 2010.  It is about 200 pages of a paper back book.

It has a wonderful over view of the actual anatomy of a woman.  What each part does and how to do different things to those parts of her body.  It also talks a bit about health and even how some women have trouble when it comes to orgasm during oral sex. It even goes into all kinds of different styles of oral sex and techniques.

Very much for anyone that likes women. 


I have a lot of odd things that get my going.  And I have to admit that I have playmates that will cater to each different fetish that I have.  Part of the reason that I have so many playmates at one time.  

I also know that any thing can be a fetish, from feet, to heels to uniforms, to forks, to books, and even balloons.  Anything can be a fetish.  

I grabbed Best Fetish Erotica for the fun of it and see if there was something that would get me going in it.  It was put out by Cleis Press Inc. and has 190 pages.  It is a classic larger sized paper back book.  There are twenty one stories in the book.

It has a nice mix of different kinds of fetishes.  From impact play to girdles.  

There is all kinds of people in the stories and all kinds of orientations.  The book is actually very open to all kinds of people and doesn’t cater to just the male straight dom or the bisexual femdom.  This is for anyone that is kinky. 

Femdom Erotica

So I have been a femdom for about fifteen years now.  I tend to like male subs but I do work with female ones too.  But I know what I like and what my flavors of kink are.  

I have always tended to lean towards the female dominate erotica when I pick it up.  Just what I love and gets my juices flowing more than anything else.

I picked up She’s On Top edited by Rachel Kramer Bussel.  It was released in 2007 by Cleis Press Inc.  It is a collection of femdom erotica by a number of writers.  It is 195 pages long in paper back form.  There are eighteen very hot stories in this book.

There is so many different kinds of femdoms in this book that it gives me a lot of wonderful bad ideas to play with my subs.  It covers a lot of the classic femdom things, like bondage, pegging and humiliation.  But it does it in a lot of very fun and hot ways.

This one is totally going to be kept around for a while.  Way to many ideas and a lot of my male subs hate this book a lot. 



Mesh – something wrong
Photek – end of line
Covenant – stalker
Placebo – pure morning
Love spit love – how soon is now
Oingo boingo – no one lives forever
Kmfdm – megalomaniac
Symphony of science – we are all connected
Apoptygma berzerk – kathy’s song
Lady gaga vs metalica – enter telephone
Trans x – living in video
Sub level 03 – sweet dream
Collide – tusk