Tail stories

Even if I may not be a fan of anal sex on myself, doesn’t mean that I don’t enjoy a good story about it.  Besides, I am a pegging girl.  

I picked up Luscious Stories of Anal Eroticism for something to read late at night when I have been staying at one of the play houses.  I needed a book to keep in my little part of the closet just in case I was having a bad sleep night and want to read.  

It is put out by Cleis Press Inc. in 2006.  It was edited by Alison Tyler.  It is classic paper back in feeling and about 265 pages long.  There are twenty six short stories from a number of erotica writers.

As I said, I am not a fan of anal for myself but I can enjoy it on a male.  But this book is very much about the female being penetrated and no male penetration.  But it is handled in a very sweet way.  Not something that is handled as rough at all.  It is treated as a loving and very erotic part of sex.  

I even does deal with first time anal play.  It is very much amid at women more than men because of how it is dealt with and how soft things are presented.  

And the play is hot on top of it all.

Yeah, this book will stay around.


Hunter’s moon

Tre lux – never let me down again
The glitch mob – derezzed
Katy perry – et rmx
La roux – bulletproof
Count to infinity – undertow
Covenant – monochrome
Crystal castles with robert smith – not in love
Gary numan – pure
And one – panzermennsch
Nine inch nails – discipline
Hate dept – release it
Babyland – you will never have it
Rosetta stone – adrenaline rmx
Boole – blow up the world
Mind confusion with muriela medusa – vivre sur video
Icon of coil – perfect sex
Rihanna – s&m rmx
Infected mushroom with kinky and van halen – becoming insane
Mona mur and en esch – flesh and blood
Collide – tusk


speak to the universe as to what you need and the universe will hear you and provide it in It’s own ways. i know that right now i am in need of a lot of things. some big, some small. some i have needed for years.

i don’t even know if i want to put the list in writing or if i even know all of what i need.

but i lit a candle that was made for me in love for the first time tonight. just a a part of the asking.

yes, the gods do help those that help themselves, but it is ok to ask for help and they will answer in their own ways.

Military fetish

I am a long time military uniform fetishist. And I am lucky enough to have a few lovers that are more than willing to indulge my fetish in a lot of different ways. To be honest, it’s more about the vintage uniforms than the more modern ones.

I picked up Coquette’s Darque Military Girl costume to have something a little more sexy than my classic stuff. It comes in sizes S/M and M/L. I got the M/L. It is made out of lycra. It comes with the dress, a hat, gloves, a peek-a-boo bra and a crotchless panty. It is machine washable on very light cycles.

I am a curvy girl and the M/L fit me wonderfully. It wasn’t pulling on my body at all like some of the sexy costumes tend to. The key hole in the dress showed off the tattoo that I have between my breasts wonderfully.

The hat is a little small to actually wear. It’s the kind of hat that you would have to have on with bobby-pins.

Wearing the bra and panty under the costume makes it look a little odd. The buttons actually show though the fabric of the dress and it actually looks kind of bad. But the bra and panty on their own look hot as hell.

Very sexy and really works for me. I have a feeling I am going to wear this thing to death.


I know that I have mentioned many times that I am a bath junkie.  I have bath products all over the place.  My husband has a little corner of the bathroom and the rest is all my crap.  I just love the scents and the feels of them.

I picked up Venus Body Wash because I was in need of more body wash.  It comes in the scents; man, peach, pineapple/tangerine, mandarin mango, pomegranate, unscented, juniper, cucumber melon, milk, lavender and green tea.  I got the cucumber melon because I know that scent works will with my body chemistry and it smells great on me.  It comes in an eight ounce plastic bottle with a screw top.  It’s made out of Aqua, Dead Sea minerals (see above), Cocoamide dea, Cocoamidopropyl betaine, Sodium lauryl sulfate, Glycerin, Carbomer, Triethanolamine, Methyl paraben, Propyl paraben, Imidiazolidinyl urea.

The fragerance is perfect for me.  It’s not over powering, but it leaves a light scent on the skin after the shower.  

It suds up a lot.  Just a tiny bit of it and there was a ton of bubbles on my bath puff.  I also used it one time as bubble bath and it was just two cap fulls and I had a full tub of bubbles.

The bottle that I got lasted for a while because it doesn’t take that much to wash with it.

So planning on getting more

Cheap for a reason

I love fishnet stockings.  It is one of my fetishes and it is a fetish for a number of my lovers.  I have a huge collection of them and they are kind of all around my place and a lover of mine’s too.

I picked up Fishnet Thigh High with Satin Bow for something to use with costumes.  The bows come in pink or turquoise.  They are made out of nylon and the bow is satin.  They are hand washable.  There is elastic on the top of the stocking so that they don’t slip down the leg.

As stockings, they look great on.

The problem is that they are cheaply made.  The bows are just hot glued onto the top of the stocking and they do pop off.  They should have been sewn on so that you can move around and wash them without them falling apart on you.

The elastic is also very tight on the top of the leg.  I have thick legs, but they aren’t that think.  The elastic was actually cutting off circulation in my legs after having them on for about half an hour.  I had to switch stockings for the costume that I was in because of that.

I don’t think I will keep them around.