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Girl going down

Almost all the women that I know love to have oral sex performed on her.  Gods know that I love when my lover knows what he or she is doing.  But there is so many people out there that just don’t know what to do with a woman’s body.  I have one that just doesn’t quiet get what to do with a clit yet. 

I picked up The Ultimate Guide to Cunnilingus to help that one lover out some with how my body works. It was written by Violet Blue in 2010.  It is about 200 pages of a paper back book.

It has a wonderful over view of the actual anatomy of a woman.  What each part does and how to do different things to those parts of her body.  It also talks a bit about health and even how some women have trouble when it comes to orgasm during oral sex. It even goes into all kinds of different styles of oral sex and techniques.

Very much for anyone that likes women. 

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Long time kinky DJ. For the most part this blog will be about music, djing, kink, sex, modeling and reviews of books, films (when i make it to them), music (both albums and shows) and sex toys.

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