Nox 8/28/12

Photek – end of line
Lacuna coil – i like it rmx
Supreme beings of leisure – strange love addiction
Michael andrews w/ gary jules – mad world rmx
Bt – dreaming
Covenant – monochrome
Vnv nation – homeward
Collide – tusk
David bowie – hearts filthy lesson
Dead or alive – nukleopatra
Apoptygma berzerk – fade to black
Spray – i am gothic


 I hang out with a lot of gamers.  And to be honest, I am dating more than a few of them.  But then again, it seems like almost all the people that I am involved with are dorks, nerds or fans of something.  It’s just what I am into.  

I picked up G Is For Games as something just for fun.  It is put out by Cleis Press Inc. and was released in 2007.  It is a compilation of erotic stories that center around games.  The book has 144 pages to it.  It has stories by authors such as Bonnie Dee, Alison Taylor, Emerald and many others.  

 Games are something that has always been fun for me.  But games are rarely a sexual thing for me.  Yes, I have played strip poker and Magic: The Gathering, as well as naked Twister.  But it’s not something that is a fetish or even a turn on for me.  

However, I have to say that the stories that are in G Is For Games are very hot and a turn on.  Yes there are some misses with it where it just doesn’t work for me.  But most of them really are a wonderful turn on.

 It deals with games such as Twister, Baseball, pool, tennis, and others.  

A very fun and sexy little book to have by the bed along with a bottle of lube and a vibrator. 









Nothing there

This is condom review number fifty five of my condom review project.

Some blessed guys I have been with can’t get into the regular size condoms no matter how hard they try.  They trying squeeze and the uncomfortable sex tends to not be so fun during.  But sometimes as “regular sized condom” can be a little bigger than average

I picked up a box of Contempo Bareback condoms a while back and just got around to trying them out.  They come in a box of three condoms.  They are clear in color with no scent or flavor to them.  They are made out of latex.  And are a bit thinner than regular condoms.

I used these with my more blessed lovers and had an easier time getting them on him than most of the larger sized condoms.  They actually fit him as good as some of this favorite larger sized condoms, which we didn’t have any around at the time and you will use what is on hand when you are that horny.  But they fit and felt wonderful for him.  

They also really did feel like nothing was there.  The two of us aren’t fluid bonded so we won’t actually go bareback, so the idea of having a condom that fits him and feels like nothing is there was wonderful for us.  It felt like when i have bareback sex with my husband, but with my lover.

So getting more of these when I can. 

To much texture

This is review number fifty four in my condom review project.  And this is the first of my sex toy reviews to be over on my blog and not on Eden Fantasys.

I love textured condoms.  I always have.  I will actually go out of my way to get my paws on them when I can.  I have the ones that I love and the ones that I usually will pass on.

I picked up a box of Beyond Seven Studded condoms to see if I would like them.  They come in a box of twelve and are made out of latex.  They are blue in color and have no scent or flavor to their lube.  And they are very very textured.

I gave them a shot with one of my more blessed lovers.  We did have to add lube to them because I always have to add lube and he is becoming more and more of a lube slut.  But only a few minutes into sex we had to take the condom off.  The studs where to big and where actually making sex very uncomfortable and actually where very distracting for me.  We had to change condoms, it was that bad. 

However, the texture was fine for him because the inside of the condom was totally smooth. 

I did ask around to my other female friends to see if any of them would want the rest of the box.  All of them passed on it. 

8/21/12 Nox


Adam and the ants – beat my guest
The limousines – internet killed the video star
Peach union – on my own
Duran duran – burning the ground
Orbital – doctor
Covenant – monochrome
Concrete blonde – bloodletting
Infected mushroom – becoming insane
Inxs – need you tonight
Emilie autumn – the art of suicide
Eva cassidy – fields of gold
Nick cave and the bad seeds – red right hand (dj neshamah)
Headscan – dead silver sky rmx

8/7/12 Nox


Collide – tusk
Neuroactive – space divider
Assemblage 23 – spark
Iris – lose in waiting
And one – techno man
S.p.o.c.k. – queen of space
Count to infinity – undertow
Madonna vs new order – blue hung up
In-grid – you promised me
Bt – dreaming
Fluke – absurd
The thompson twins – play with me
Bloodhound gang with eiffel 65 – the bad touch
Alice deejay – better off alone
Blur vs the prodigy – song 2 smack my bitch up
Thou shalt not – if i only was a goth

costume squee

oh my gods! *bounce bounce bounce* i just got a major inspiration to fix a problem that i have had on a costume that for a while. yes, the bat that i have been working on for a year and a half. i know how to do this one totally amazing thing. just don’t have the space, materials or the tools right now. but all of that i could get eas

7/31/12 Nox

White zombie – more human than human
Covenant – monochrome
Lords of acid – horror movie
Photek – end of line
Cx – star wars
Orbital – doctor?
Bass kittens – invader zim
Avenue q – the internet is for porn
Danny john jules, chris barry and craig charles – tongue tied
Dj neshamah – pirates
Spf 1000 – haunted house
Henry mancini – pink panther rmx
Peggy lee – why don’t you? (dj neshamah rmx)