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For the last few years, vampires have been the big thing.  I blame Twilight and it’s crazied fans.  But there is big money in it right now and everyone is putting something to do with vampires out.  Tons of vampire books, movies, tv shows, videogames, porns and anything you can think of.

I grabbed Girls Who Bite because it actually looked good and looked like it may be doing urban fantasy lesbian erotica right.  The book was put out in 2011 and has a ton of different short erotica stories by a number of different writers. 

This is lesbian erotica stories done right.  The women seem like real women (even the fantasy creatures).  The are actually fleshed out characters that seem to have life past the short stories.  

But the vampires where really hot.  They are powerful, sexy and very dominate.  I have always loved a powerful female character, vampier or not.  Major turn on for me.  

There is very little blood in the stories, or there wasn’t enough for me, but I am more than a bit of a blood fetishist.

Still keeping this around. 

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