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Steampunk lust

A long ass time ago, I got to get my hot little hands on a few of the victorian era erotica that is still floating around.  It wasn’t really my thing with that all the women where treated as things and where submissive to the men.  Yes, I know it was the time, but still not my flavor at all.  Even though it wasn’t my thing, it was still very richly written and fun read.

I picked up a copy of Steamlust a while back while at a steampunk convention.  A few of us found them and bought them to support.  

Steamlust is a compilation of short erotic stories written by a number of erotic and steampunk writers.  It was put together by Kristina Wright and came out in 2011.

The sex in the stories was just fair.  It wasn’t a total turn on that erotica should be.  Or it wasn’t for me.  But the big thing is the world.  It was rich and very detailed.  Even the descriptors of even little details where very rich.  There was so much depth in it that it made up for the only fair sex.  

It was actually very much like that old school victorian erotica.  Not my flavor, but still a lot of fun. 

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