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this was just weird.

today my twitter, facebook and phone where blowing up asking if i was at the box last night because a lot of people kept seeing me there. they would see me and then blink and i would be gone when they were trying to come up to me and talk to me.

to be totally clear, i was not at the box last night. i was at home trying to calm down from yesterday and to do some more house hunting.

i had wanted to go and was offered a ride from a very sweet furry, but i really didn’t want to dress up or even try to be sexy. i was happy to be at home.

be the phantom version of me wasn’t the strangest thing that was going on there last night. i heard of a few sightings of sean….. and if you don’t know who sean is/was to the box, you really should know if you go. sean founded the box way back when. he was a very dear and sweet man. he would joke with me that he would switch teams for someone that looked the way that i do. i really cared about him. and he passed about five/six years ago to leukemia. i remember when one of my exs called me to tell me when he passed. (an ex that i am still very very close to and still hang out with and talk to a lot). i went to his wake that night and then the funeral.

he introduced me to a lot of the classic goth music that i had missed when i was first started djing goth and industrial and moving away from punk. there is some songs that have and always will make me think of him.

yes, there was a lot of people that hated him for a number of reasons, but he was a good man.

two phantoms in the club…. odd….

but it got me thinking about a few things and for me to act on a few things.

thank you for everything sean/gobo

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