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jocks vs. geeks: or fandom vs. fandom.

we all remember in high school where the jocks would pick on or even beat up on the geeky kids.  and we all know who each side was back in those days.  and it makes no difference where you landed back then because this has to do with what happened to both sides once they hit adulthood.


i was a geek.  i watched star trek and looked like i walked out of bladerunner (i still do to be honest).  i didn’t like sports.  i swam and that was the only thing that i was good at.  i hated watching sports at the time too.  


back then, football was just two teams.  one team ran one way.  the other team ran the other way.  there was a ball.  and they would all fall down.  i just didn’t care at all about any kind of sports.


but once we hit adulthood, for most of us, we stay true to if we are a geek or a jock/sports fan.  yes, we do cross into the other a lot once we get older.  but we do say fans of what we are fans of.  


but something occurred to me today.  


i went to a huge 49’s game party today.  i went with my hubby because he works for a sports talk radio station that was throwing the party.  everyone he works with knows that he and i are both totally geeks, but my husband does like a few sports.  and even i do like some of them now.


but those sports fans/jocks are really no less geeky about their love than we are.  they get exited when there is something going on their chosen team.  just like how i am when there is a new episode of doctor who or sherlock comes out.  they hoop and holler when they go out to watch in public, just like i did when i went to the avengers.  


hell, they even have a version of dungeons and dragons.  that would be fantasy football.  it’s very close to the same thing, just without the actual dungeons and the dragons. 


but for some reason, the sports fan/jock is seen by society as a more mature kind of passion than the geeky end of fandoms.


it’s that same fanaticism.  it’s the same passion.  it’s the same wild love.  


is it really all that different?


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