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Even if I may not be a fan of anal sex on myself, doesn’t mean that I don’t enjoy a good story about it.  Besides, I am a pegging girl.  

I picked up Luscious Stories of Anal Eroticism for something to read late at night when I have been staying at one of the play houses.  I needed a book to keep in my little part of the closet just in case I was having a bad sleep night and want to read.  

It is put out by Cleis Press Inc. in 2006.  It was edited by Alison Tyler.  It is classic paper back in feeling and about 265 pages long.  There are twenty six short stories from a number of erotica writers.

As I said, I am not a fan of anal for myself but I can enjoy it on a male.  But this book is very much about the female being penetrated and no male penetration.  But it is handled in a very sweet way.  Not something that is handled as rough at all.  It is treated as a loving and very erotic part of sex.  

I even does deal with first time anal play.  It is very much amid at women more than men because of how it is dealt with and how soft things are presented.  

And the play is hot on top of it all.

Yeah, this book will stay around.

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