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Cheap for a reason

I love fishnet stockings.  It is one of my fetishes and it is a fetish for a number of my lovers.  I have a huge collection of them and they are kind of all around my place and a lover of mine’s too.

I picked up Fishnet Thigh High with Satin Bow for something to use with costumes.  The bows come in pink or turquoise.  They are made out of nylon and the bow is satin.  They are hand washable.  There is elastic on the top of the stocking so that they don’t slip down the leg.

As stockings, they look great on.

The problem is that they are cheaply made.  The bows are just hot glued onto the top of the stocking and they do pop off.  They should have been sewn on so that you can move around and wash them without them falling apart on you.

The elastic is also very tight on the top of the leg.  I have thick legs, but they aren’t that think.  The elastic was actually cutting off circulation in my legs after having them on for about half an hour.  I had to switch stockings for the costume that I was in because of that.

I don’t think I will keep them around. 

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