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so the last few days where good.
thursday dinner with my family was amazing. the restaurant that my cousin picked out was wonderful.
i didn’t have to work on thanksgiving night (even though i was ok with that, holiday pay and massive dinner paid for by work). but i guess it was much slower than corporate thought it was going to be so i didn’t have to go in.
yesterday, work was actually good. i ended up on register all afternoon, and that was after the epic dumb. had only a few people that i wanted to just shoot. but most of the people where really fun.
dinner with the in-laws was a hoot. the kids where really funny, well more than normal and my father-in-law was m.i.a. (so that made the whole house happier)
so other than turkey cross contamination two nights in a row and feeling like shit because of it, the holiday was great 🙂

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Long time kinky DJ. For the most part this blog will be about music, djing, kink, sex, modeling and reviews of books, films (when i make it to them), music (both albums and shows) and sex toys.

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