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Painting Flogger

I have started collecting odd looking floggers and some really fun ones.  If there is something fun or crazy looking, I have to have it.

I have some really funky looking ones and ones that are made out of anything from fleece to yarn to relace.

So, when I say The Paint Brush Whip I had to try it out.  It has a leather handle and the brush part is the flogger.  The flogger is like the rubber of a Koosh Ball, only longer.

As a flogger or a whip, this little thing really sucks.  The flat handle makes it a bit hard to use and weald.  The broad brush style tip makes it a bit hard when it comes to impact. 

The only really good thing about it is that it is wonderful for sensation play.  Just running the bristles over the skin makes for a really unique feeling.  

I think I may keep it around. 

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Long time kinky DJ. For the most part this blog will be about music, djing, kink, sex, modeling and reviews of books, films (when i make it to them), music (both albums and shows) and sex toys.

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