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Pit Bull’s Lead

I have been doing pet play for a very long time.  And for some reason, I always seem to end up with human dogs.  Well, more actually, human wolves.  I have had five over the years.  Right now I have three due to one passing and another getting way to bratty for me to deal with.  But over the last year, I have added a human pit bull puppy.  He’s a massive man that really is like a pit bull.  Very sweet, very loving, wants to be in my lap, but don’t piss him off.  He’s a wonderful guard dog and at very rare times attack dog.  

I had a nylon leash for him for a while, but he wanted something that was a bit sexier and more fitting for the kind of dog he is.  So I got him the 4 Foot Chain Leash by Spartacus.  

It is made out of black leather and silver metal.  The handle is leather and comes with either cone, round or pyramid studs on it.  I got the round one.  It has a claw clasp on it that is a bit smaller.

I couldn’t get the clasp around the large D ring that I have for a collar for my dog boy.  But it will fit on most D rings.  

It is long enough for him to “roam around” some and sniff other dogs.  He also does the cute sub thing where he will hold the lead in his mouth.  But that leaves teeth marks in the leather badly.  They don’t really come out either.

It’s strong enough that he can pull on it and be a little bratty and actually get tied up in it.  

Totally a must for any pet player that has attack dogs. 

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