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Sword, Sorcery and Sex

I am a long time bookworm that loves a good fantasy novel. I have to say that about half of the books that I have are totally fantasy.  And the other half is mostly sci-fi.  Yeah, I’m a dork and I wear that title proudly.  Hells, I seem to only sleep with dorks too.  Give me a cute fanboy or fangirl and I know that I am going to want to fuck him or her.


A few weeks ago Cleis Press Inc. put out the book Thrones of Desire: Erotic Tales of Swords, Mist and Fire.  It is edited by Mitzi Szereto and the forward is by Piers Anthony.  There are fourteen short stories and novellas that mix sex with classic fantasy.  



Thrones of Desire is very much marketed and amid at fans of books and the TV show Game of Thrones. Much of the stories have the feel of the books or you can very much tell that the writers are fans of Martin.  But not that it is really much of a problem.  The book knows who it wants it read it.  This is one of those books that I will expect to see a lot of in the convention circuit very soon.  And I hope to see some of it’s writers do more work in this vain.



I totally fell in love with this book.  Not only are most of the stories written well, but the worlds that the writers create are very rich and full of life.  The characters have real heart and could be living breathing people and aren’t over the top like many characters are in erotica.  


So much fun and I would love to see more from all of these writers if they keep up the fantasy writing. 







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