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i know it’s a bit early to be talking about the holiday season. gods, know i am already sick of the christmas stuff at work. but this is something that i am really doing and i really would love to have who ever can help out.

a friend of mine from work is trying to get holiday letters and cards for the US and canadian troops that are stationed overseas, returning and wounded soldiers. she is doing this with OCC/operation christmas cards.

she is collecting them from now until the end of next month to ship them out in time.

she would love it if they had hand written sentiments and they really should be any of the winter holiday themed.

she told me that she would like to have 100 of them to send out when she asked if i would help write. i think that if we all try to add something, we can help her pass her goal with flying colors.

if you want to help, please do.

as for getting the cards to me, i am almost always at nox on tuesday nights, unless i am sick. or there is other ways to meet up with me to drop them off. and i pet that a few of my friends would be more than happy to be willing to be people that can hand them off to me.

if you are crafty, make something. if you aren’t, it’s ok to have a store bought card.

i know that i am going to be doing a lot of this over the next few weeks.

it doesn’t matter if you support the wars that we are in, but most of us have friends, family and loved ones that are out there in some way. or we have had people out there.

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