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i haven’t posted about yesterday here.  

i landed in the er last night with bad lung pain and not being able to breath.  i had a lot of trouble getting people that where physically close to me to help get me to the er.  called a lot of people that i knew where closer by, but nothing.  it was people that weren’t near as close by that came to help me.  my puppy and an potential female playmate came from mountain view and my husband  left work in sf to help me. and i love them for that.

but the very first person that i called to help me, who was 15 minutes away from me at the time, just fucking bitched me out for not showing up to a fucking birthday party today.  i had called asking for help and i couldn’t get them to pick up and i got yelled at for not going to a one year old’s birthday party when i was in the er hours before….. what the fuck?


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Long time kinky DJ. For the most part this blog will be about music, djing, kink, sex, modeling and reviews of books, films (when i make it to them), music (both albums and shows) and sex toys.

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