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To much texture

This is review number fifty four in my condom review project.  And this is the first of my sex toy reviews to be over on my blog and not on Eden Fantasys.

I love textured condoms.  I always have.  I will actually go out of my way to get my paws on them when I can.  I have the ones that I love and the ones that I usually will pass on.

I picked up a box of Beyond Seven Studded condoms to see if I would like them.  They come in a box of twelve and are made out of latex.  They are blue in color and have no scent or flavor to their lube.  And they are very very textured.

I gave them a shot with one of my more blessed lovers.  We did have to add lube to them because I always have to add lube and he is becoming more and more of a lube slut.  But only a few minutes into sex we had to take the condom off.  The studs where to big and where actually making sex very uncomfortable and actually where very distracting for me.  We had to change condoms, it was that bad. 

However, the texture was fine for him because the inside of the condom was totally smooth. 

I did ask around to my other female friends to see if any of them would want the rest of the box.  All of them passed on it. 

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