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Nothing there

This is condom review number fifty five of my condom review project.

Some blessed guys I have been with can’t get into the regular size condoms no matter how hard they try.  They trying squeeze and the uncomfortable sex tends to not be so fun during.  But sometimes as “regular sized condom” can be a little bigger than average

I picked up a box of Contempo Bareback condoms a while back and just got around to trying them out.  They come in a box of three condoms.  They are clear in color with no scent or flavor to them.  They are made out of latex.  And are a bit thinner than regular condoms.

I used these with my more blessed lovers and had an easier time getting them on him than most of the larger sized condoms.  They actually fit him as good as some of this favorite larger sized condoms, which we didn’t have any around at the time and you will use what is on hand when you are that horny.  But they fit and felt wonderful for him.  

They also really did feel like nothing was there.  The two of us aren’t fluid bonded so we won’t actually go bareback, so the idea of having a condom that fits him and feels like nothing is there was wonderful for us.  It felt like when i have bareback sex with my husband, but with my lover.

So getting more of these when I can. 

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Long time kinky DJ. For the most part this blog will be about music, djing, kink, sex, modeling and reviews of books, films (when i make it to them), music (both albums and shows) and sex toys.

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